Sage Cover

Sage Cover is an essential companion to your Sage software as it is helping you to run your business more efficiently.

Sage Cover


Your Sage Software solution plays a big part in bridging your business and IT needs; helping you to run your business more efficiently. Hence, it makes sense to ensure a continual return on your investment by keeping your solution up-to-date on the latest version, by making sure you have a support plan in place and by looking into cost-savers such as multi-year options that integrates with your Sage Software solution. All of these, and more, are possible - and affordable-with Sage Cover.

What is Sage Cover

Sage Cover is our umbrella brand for software assurance It is about renewing your software license upgrade so that you can be assured that your software is always running at top form and your business running at top speed.

Investment Protection

Any software solution requires an investment. You spend time and money getting the system and your staff up to speed. In return, you see increased productivity and higher profits. The more you can do to protect your investment - by keeping your software up-to-date, maximizing employee use of the system, resolving snags as soon as they arise - the higher your rate of return and lower your risk of lost productivity.

Convenient and Time Saving

With Sage Cover, we will alert you through letter whenever a latest software version or service packs are available.

High-yield, Low-Cost Software Assurance

Sage Cover works like a subscription plan. To make it easy for you to maintain a subscription to Sage Cover, the annual fee is set low. This allows you to plan your annual software upgrades budget better and gives you the assurance that your software investment will be protected for years to come.

Manage your investment Effortlessly and Cost Effectively

Our Sage software updates and service packs help ensure that your business can handle the critical tasks that your software is made to do. For a stress-free assurance that your software will always be able to meet your increasing demanding business and IT needs, Renew your Sage Cover now.

Don't miss out the benefits of Sage Cover