About Us

Premium Solution Provider for SAGE Accpac ERP in Indonesia for 24 years

PT Microtek Informa Solusindo

Our company provides business software, services and support to small and medium sized businesses. Whilst our heritage is in the small business market we also have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of specific industries and larger organisations. We are a premium solution provider for SAGE Accpac ERP Solutions with more than 24 years of experience working with small and medium sized businesses. We provide an extensive range of solutions which make it easier for our customers to manage their business processes. Whether it be our financial software enabling better cash flow management, our Customer Relationship Management software helping to build profitable customer relationships or our Human Resources and Payroll offerings being used to improve employee performance and ensure legislative compliance, our software and services equip our customers to run their businesses more effectively and overcome the challenges of today’s business environment. When faced with these challenges businesses need software suppliers in whom they can trust and with whom they can build real relationships for the long-term. What makes SAGE different is our people, our complete dedication to doing the right thing by the customer and our commitment to support them to the very best of our ability. By maintaining this focus, we have developed a depth and breadth of knowledge that helps insure our clients success with their system investments.